Sunday, July 27, 2008

phew!, its still sunday night in NZ!!.

I promised Squig i would update over the weekend, and i'm cutting it fine!!.
I havent really updated cos there hasnt been much to tell.....i've been working or babysitting, and not getting to the allotment as much as i should due to rain. however i make strides each time i go. the spuds are all flowering, i have one pea left, but suspect the slugs will eat that!. i have some french beans that have come up since monday, and a sweetcorn plant. most of the toms have survived the transplant and my rose is full of new growth, so hopefully i'll get another couple of flowers from it this year!.

so to pics....
this is the most recent allotment pic, altho its from about a month ago and alot has changes since then.

this is my rose....Abraham Darby

heres the girls enjoying a dip in the lid of the sandpit.....LM got a swimming pool for her birthday a week ago, but this photo was taken before then. it wasnt quite warm enough for them to be it it, but they insisted, hence they've still got clothes on!!.

and just for Ian.....just to prove the aussie hat you gave me for xmas does get worn......

so thats the update. i'll get a more recent lottie pic this weekend after i've done some work on it!.

next update should be from auntie rachel in a weeks time to announce B or E's arrival!.