Sunday, October 23, 2011

all in all it's been a good day!.

well, after the excitement of this morning, i have had a very productive afternoon, and have completed my second crochet project!. nope, not the circle blanket!. I decided to make a scarf from some angora mohair i got at the knit and stitch show at the beginning of the month. I had a look on raverly but there was to much choice!, then i remembered a scarf in a book i have that is for beginner( i.e me!). so i spent the afternoon sitting on the bed in the sunshine crocheting!. the mohair went from this.....
to this......
to this.......
once i began winding it, i decided i didn't really like the colours after all, and that reveal pic, makes it very salmony - partly thats the artifical light, but also its not far off!. so i'm not sure if i'll keep it or put it in the xmas pile!. also today, i managed to get my bedlinen and towels washed and dried on the line outside for what is probably the last outside drying day of the year.

Oh Yes!!

New Zealand won the rugby world cup.......epic!. one very happy and proud kiwi here!. but bloody hell, what a hard won game!. so many tears of relief after!. and some very touching moments.....the wee lad in the red and black of Canterbury, and all the boys hugging a very sick Jock Hobbs....a great son of Canterbury rugby. he can pass over now, seeing the cup come home, bless him.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

update on the pinterest meal.....

well, i had one of the meals i put in the freezer last night, from the meal i made last week from a recipe on pinterest. it freezes fine for me....i had no problem with it and it was still just as yummy!. this recipe is definately going to be something i make on a regular basis, especially as it then gives me meals in the freezer that dont need anything more cooked for it.....perfect for coming home late. just thaw them out and zap them and you're good to go!. all in all a great result, and i shall now be looking at what else i have on my food board!.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

I cooked a pinterest meal!!

well, since i've been happily using pinterest, i decided it was time to actually do something from one of my pins. So i decided to cook myself a meal. it's called Baked Penne with Chicken, Brocolli and Smoked Mozzarella. i've shared the link to the site it comes from rather than pinterest cos its playing up for me at the moment. Anyway, back to the meal......YUM!!!. it was lovely!. i halved the recipe and then played a little with the quanities to fit with what we can buy here in the UK. i used normal mozzarella as i'm not sure we can get smoked here....well, certainly not in Sainsburys!. i have got 3 spare portions!, so have put 2 in the freezer to test how it will freeze and will have the other portion tomorrow night!. A big success as far as i'm concerned!. P.S, i'm unimpressed with blogger at the moment. i try to have paragraphs and lines between changes in topics, but when it publishes its all in one big block!. rude words!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

the picture post!.

so i've been pottering around today, avoiding overheating myself like yesterday!. i'm not sure today was as hot as yesterday. heres some views from the day. i mowed the lawn, hoping its the last time this year!. while i enjoy doing it, i dont like using an electric mower!.
i may have ordered a couple of things online this week....things for this years JYC
and 2 books from the editors of one of my favourite magazines in the world....USA Country Living.
making progress with the crocheting....have got several circles made now, so this week on the bus, i shall try the squaring off and see how that works!.
if you look closely i may have a few blueberries to round off the growing year!.
part of my new ''allotment'' aka the back patio!. in this photo are the 2 pots of leeks, my blueberries....1 big pot, and 2 small, which i will transplant in a month or 2, and my blackcurrant i dug up from the allotment.
i may also get a raspberry!!.
the other half of my ''allotment''...3 varieties of raspberries, and my boysenberry. regarding the raspberries....i dug up 2 canes of each variety, so i have a backup plan if one cane doesnt like the transplant!. i'm going to see if i can find an early pic of the boysenberry from 3 years ago....its certainly grown. its the sad looking plant on the left of the pic....i had watered all the bags of canes last night when i got in, but the boysenberry didnt have enough roots in the water so packed a sad. its had a good water when i potted it up, so fingers crossed it will be fine.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Goodbye plot 21

Well, today i went up to the allotment for the last time, to collect some bits and make sure that those who are taking things, know they can start doing it. I brought back my blue berries, blackcurrant, boysenberry, and raspberry canes of 3 varieties. i also potted up my leek seedlings and brought those back so i can have fresh leeks in my risotto!. I also harvested the last of the beans, potatoes and tomatoes. it was far to hot to be digging up stuff but today was my last real chance to do it, without things getting stressful!. it said it was 29degrees outside, in the car that brought me home!. I loved my allotment, and if i still had the car, i would have kept it, or maybe reduced the size. but without the car its 2 bus rides and with no loos onsite, there isnt much time to get anything done before you have to think about going home to the loo!. I learnt that i want to grow my food!. I learnt that i really need to do that in my own backyard, so i can potter for a little while whenever i want, and not have to plan a trip!. I learnt that tomatoes fare better in the tunnel rather than outside.....i've never had success with them outside in the 3yrs i had the plot, but this year, with no help from me, they have done better. I will miss the people i chatted to while i was there, but i am looking forward to half a day extra at the weekends now as well!. so, there we have allotment experience is over....thank you plot21 xx