Sunday, July 31, 2011

things are growing!!.

I went to the allotment yesterday after a few weeks's just so difficult getting there now, plus, having agreed a handover date with the council, i'm loosing the will and cant face how messy its become.
So i decided to face it yesterday....sundays are even harder to get there with 'sunday buses'!. Bless Jim (the neighbouring plotholder)....he was actually mowing my paths when i arrived!. I stayed for about an hour....feed the tomatoes in the polytunnel and harvested the first of the crops. they are certainly much happier in the tunnel.....i'm going to have the best crop ever this year!.
i watered the beans, squash and sweetcorn, and Jim has been watering them also...they will only survive thanks to him!. he also sent me home with some of his beetroot!.
i came home with this lot, that i grew - cheriettes of fire tomatoes, a blueberry and a purple bean!...

also growing is my crochet project!. i've done another 6 rounds this afternoon with the grand prix on in the background. i'm so chuffed with myself for attempting this, which i'm sure people would say isnt a beginners project!. heres a couple of sneek peeks!....

Saturday, July 23, 2011

I can crochet!!!!

finally this afternoon i started a crochet project, having played with the stitches for some time. I saw on Attic24, a wonderful cushion cover and decided, rather ambitiously that that should be the first thing i made!. so this afternoon about 3, i sat down on the bed, with Lucy's blog open and just got on with it. I had to undo the 1st 2 rounds so many times, watch youtube tutorials to learn how to do simple things, but suddenly it all just clicked and away i went. I managed the next couple of rounds ok, then i mucked up again and just as i was ending a round, i had to undo it all!. but that taught me the final thing i needed to crack, and since then its been plain sailing *knocks on her head!!*.
so some piccies so far....

these are the colours i have to choose from... looks like Lucy's!

it looks like a flower!!

more colour....and the round i had to undo!.

from now on, its a secret!!...until its finished!!.

man tho!, i think i need my eyes tested, i certainly had eye strain, but then again, it doesnt help crocheting when you have a headache, and infront of a computer screen!!.

But yay me!!. i can do it!!.......
just gotta finish it now!.

Sunday, July 10, 2011


i've been blog hopping around, trying to find some funky blogs to add to my blog list thingie there on the right....ones that share the same interests as me on decorating, crafting, cooking, gardening and self reliance.
I came across this one today via pinterest and want to show you a page from the blog, cos if ever you wanted decorating inspiration, and the notion that a piece of coal can turn into a diamond, this is it!!. It isnt totally my taste, but i just love how the owners saw past the previous owners 'artwork' and have made a stunning home!.
now i'm off to scour the real estate adds to see if i can spend my £10 lottery win on a piece of coal of my own!!.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

i made a header!!

I've just spent the afternoon making this header.....searching for guidelines, finding photos, downloading picasa, and finally actually making it!!.
I followed the information provided in this post by Clover Lane on how to do it, and found it quite easy to follow. the hardest part was not having enough photos to choose from, so consider this header draft #1, and once i have more choice, i'll make a new that fits all the way across the top!.
the photos are all mine and are: l-r tulips from Chelsea Flower Show 2010, a road in Oxford North Canterbury NZ, and miss lilly puss back home in Christchurch.

oh, and the reason i currently dont have many photos to choose from on my computer is cos i had to do a factory restore recently and havent put many pics back on it yet!.

trying to update my blog!

I'm trying to bring my blog into the 21st century!!. I've finally how you get the list of the blogs you read on your sidebar where you can see their latest update!!.
Now i have to figure how to make a funkier blog.....once i figure out what to blog about at the moment!!.

I just want to put out there.....Bloody well done Crusaders on your hard fought game this morning. You've represented our city well this season, what with all the distruptions following the earthquake. They have played without a home ground since feb, moving round the country and the world for their 'home' games....travelling a hell of alot more than they would have otherwise. The spirit and pride of the team are fantastic, and i'm proud to be a one eye'd Cantabrian!!.