Wednesday, May 12, 2010's even got a washing line!!!

My new house that is!. in 2 weeks i'll be in what i hope will be my final UK home, for the next 2 1/2yrs. My flatmate to be and I saw a house last night, liked it lots and went and put down a deposit for it!. its a 3 bed terrace, with an extended kitchen and a converted loft, so lots of room, lots of storage, and a patio and garden!.
I cant wait to get back into some of the things i was doing before, and adding some new skills to my list!. Not sure C realises what shes let herself in for.....mooncups(for ally!), wee wipes and food made from scratch!!.
cant wait!!.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

lets try this again!.

on monday evening i wrote a lovely post about where my allotment was at, posted piccies, hit 'post', and the cyber gremlins ate it!.
so i shall try again, all be it in a shorter version!.

ok, this is the current state of the allotment....lots of rain = lots of grass!. my neighbouring plotholder has given me use of a push mover to keep it in check, and he even checked it would worked on my plot....i tried to get him to check it works on the WHOLE plot, but he caught my drift and just laughed at me!.

next we have my strawberry bed, and my beautiful tulips...the babies left from the ones i dug up to shift, never did and were eaten by the mice!.

my blackcurrent bush....might produce some currents for me this year.....a glass of ribena coming up!.

this is my sale rack apple tree from last year. its going great, but hasnt flowered so wont produce an apple this year....perhaps i should prune it this year!.

and finally a shot of the strongest of my 4 peony roses. not sure it will flower, altho i think it should....its been in the ground for 18mths now.

finally.....i came across a new forum this week, which is right up my street. called Down to Earth, it's full of all kinds of interesting posts and info for people wanting to lead a more simple lifestyle. the links over there on the side if you wanna peek!.