Tuesday, December 2, 2008

so it comes down to this....the last night in 335.

i was kinda hoping for a quiet night to reflect and think back over the past 3yrs 1 mth, but due to the hold up with the removal men, i shall instead be running round like a headless chook....with wet hair trying to get as much crossed off the to-do list as possible, so i can be away from here at a reasonable time tomorrow.

todays prompt for JYC is about weather, so i'm going to do something about hot and cold xmases....not sure what yet....will ponder in the bath in a wee while!.

with moving out tomorrow i'm not sure how often i'll be able to update yet, but will do as much as possible.

Monday, December 1, 2008

that kick worked Emma.......

having said they would turn up at 4pm, they rung at 1345 and said they'd be here at 1430!!. hooray!!.....my life is now in storage!. am a bit panicky about being finished by wed, but know i'll get there in the end. got the kidlets all day here tomorrow, so will put them to good use....duster and cloth at the ready....nothing like a bit of child labour!!.

visted my mate Ann today in her sick bed.....ouch, it hurts to watch her move. she was in good spirits and has her wonderfull hubby home this week to help out. Bless him, he even made me a cup of tea....i havent had tea there since......oooh....cant remember the date, but do remember the maker ;-).

1st Dec today and the prompt for JYC is to write a dedication for your album. i shall work on that shortly, just writing down the words, and will do the page on saturday at the crop. have decided to do a dedication page and then a 1st dec page, since my stuff went today...so have photos of a flat full of boxes, and will photograph it in the light tomorrow virtually empty!. have had a sneaky peak at Anns journal and its gorgeous as per normal...shes such a talented lady!.

right, off to run a hot bath and soak this weary body, then settle down for an evening of JYC inspiration!.