Sunday, November 6, 2011

a tour of the red zone

I came across this video tour this morning, and it shows the route the bus tours will take thru the center of town starting this weekend at home. this is the first time alot of people will have had access to the CBD since Feb22, and 9mths on, you can see just how much of the city landscape has changed. all the vacant lots held buildings. its so very sad. if you do watch it, at the start of the tour, the red Plunket building....that was my HQ for my job in Christchurch....i visited that building 3-4 times a week to deliver paperwork, collect paperwork, attend sad to hear it has to be demolished. I read on FB that someone said the building was Christchurchs original fire station!. in other news, i head into my mid 40's tomorrow....time is marching on. i feel a little sad about this weekend....the Captain has featured in my last 2 birthdays and this year he will not.