Monday, December 24, 2007

have to add this!!.

I was just having a look at my fav blogs listed here, and went to the 'We 3 cats' blog from Wales. That blog and its cats have been featured on another site with a lovely article and fantastic photos of the cats enjoying the surrounding scenery....well worth a


In NZ its already Christmas!!.

I'd like to wish anyone stopping by here a happy Christmas full of love and laughter, spent with people they care about.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

OMG! more inspiration.....

Last night i got into bed early and sat and read, or rather flicked thru 'A Slice of Organic Life'. afterwards, my head was well as growing veges and fruit, and keeping some chickens so i can have fresh eggs for baking etc.....should i keep a cow....i rather like that idea, but the having to milk every 12hrs might put me off. cool.....growing my own meat as well....i hadnt really thought about that.

I have loads of ideas in my head, so once i have finished the second commissioned scrapbook album this weekend, i'm going to start an ideas notebook....wish lists, ideas, important notes about the livestock i would like to keep, notes on which page and book where more info can be found.

i also want to work out a timeline for making this move.....i'd like it to be within the next yr, but the money will be the deciding factor. i cant wait for spring to go for a drive and look for areas i want to move to!.

i'm soooooo looking forward to this change in my life and just wish i could afford to make it, wheres that lottery ticket!!.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Gotta be near a Borders!!.

Very high on my important factors list in finding home will be closeness to Borders, so i can indulge in my love of American house/cooking/living magazines. I wont be able to afford them every month, but as a treat every 3-4 months, and especially the December issues!!.

heres my haul from todays trip!.

Any American readers will recognise nearly all of those, bar Donna Hay, who is Australias answer to Martha Stewart!.

(hmmmm.....i'm revealing myself as a closet Martha fan here, with 4 of her titles in that pile!. I now think shes a bit OTT, but provides loads of inspiration none the less.)

And while i was there i went looking for some reading material for this new transition in my life and came home with this pile as well....

I cant wait to dive into all those gorgeous xmas pages and inspiration words, but i have some things i have to finish first, so i'm keeping them for my xmas break starting next weekend.

I'd love to know if anyone has any other good up-to-date recommendations for a more greener self sufficent life. there is one title i see plugged on others blogs, but i couldn't find it at Borders, so may have to get that from Amazon....its name excapes me at the moment.

Right, the sofa beckons, and a magazine needs to be drooled over.....but which one?!.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Research is definately needed!!.

One of the things i am changing is the way i eat....i have decided to only make my pre-packaged/processed food for me once things run out in my pantry.
Last night, i was cooking dinner and i realised just how big a deal that is going to be. I had store brought raviolli and tomato sauce, and realised, if i want to have this in my 'arsenal' after the change, then i'm going to have to make ravioli, and sauce!. Me thinks i'm going to have to dedicate a sunday afternoon to cooking and putting things in the freezer.......sauces, casseroles, etc. I'm going to need to spend some time with my mountain of cook books looking for good freezable foods, plus quick easy things to throw together for when i get home tired from work.....for those times when i bring out the store brought pasta and sauce!.
Research is definately needed!!.

Sunday, December 2, 2007

The Christmas Season has started here!.

I love Christmas.......i love the traditions, and hearing what people do, i love the feel good movies and the carols. And i love that i now live in the Northern Hemisphere where Christmas is cold!!. I know i was born a kiwi, and Christmas was always hot and sunny, but it never felt should be cold, snowy, fires blazing etc!!.

Oh, and its Quality Street season as well!!.

This morning i have done my xmas decorating...not much, since i dont have enough room for a tree, so i have made a lil display on top of a 3/4 height bookcase, with my tree ornaments hanging from a clip-it-up scrapbook storage thingie!. i have a tree shaped advent calender, and my gorgeous Christopher Radko ornament out as well.

Elvis is singing carols and festive songs,
and i have 3 new xmas dvds to watch this season!.

Finally the 1st batch of 'xmas tarts' have been made and consumed.....not all by me i should add....i took them to my scrapbook crop yesterday, where everyone who had one loved them!.