Wednesday, December 19, 2007

OMG! more inspiration.....

Last night i got into bed early and sat and read, or rather flicked thru 'A Slice of Organic Life'. afterwards, my head was well as growing veges and fruit, and keeping some chickens so i can have fresh eggs for baking etc.....should i keep a cow....i rather like that idea, but the having to milk every 12hrs might put me off. cool.....growing my own meat as well....i hadnt really thought about that.

I have loads of ideas in my head, so once i have finished the second commissioned scrapbook album this weekend, i'm going to start an ideas notebook....wish lists, ideas, important notes about the livestock i would like to keep, notes on which page and book where more info can be found.

i also want to work out a timeline for making this move.....i'd like it to be within the next yr, but the money will be the deciding factor. i cant wait for spring to go for a drive and look for areas i want to move to!.

i'm soooooo looking forward to this change in my life and just wish i could afford to make it, wheres that lottery ticket!!.

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Magic Cochin said...

Merry Christmas Rach!
and may your dreams come true in 2008