Friday, March 28, 2008

snow and beans!.

thought i would add a couple more pics....the snow from Easter Monday...or maybe it was later on the Sunday....i forget!.

plus my runner beans are taking off....really need to get them in the ground, but still having fun with the local council trying to find an allotment, otherwise it may be smilling nicely at Ann and putting them in her backyard!.

not much else at the moment....banks have put up the mortgage rates making it harder for 1st time buyers to get on the property all dreams of a plot of land gets smaller by the day!.
oh yes....the forum i first found....self sufficientish..... the guys that set it up have got their 1st book coming out this week....all very exciting...i've got one on the way...hopefully it'll arrive tomorrow!. The Self Sufficientish Bible by Andy and Dave Hamilton is the name and its well priced on Amazon at the moment!.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter Sunday.

I woke this morning to snow..... this is the view out of the living room window at about 0830.

thought i would update you on my seeds.....this is the tray on friday morning....2 carrots in the forground, the lettuces in the middle and the 2 cucumbers behind....

and.....this is the tray this Easter Sunday.....left to right i have early carrots in the 1st column, late carrots in the second(one seedling just breaking soil), 3rd column are lettuces, 4th back is lettuce and in front is a cucumber. 5th column is cucumber at the back and cherry tomatoes in front, 6th is plum toms at back and a runner bean just poking thru(along with something else which i dont think is connected to the bean!) and the final pod has another runner bean!. when i went to bed at midnight last night there were only 2 carrots and no toms up at all....the miracle of nature!.

tomorrow i am going to fill the empty 5 pods probably with early carrots and maybe some lettuce.

watching all this grow over the course of the week has been incrediable....i just hope i can secure an allotment soon, otherwise it will go into a corner of Anns garden!.

Friday, March 21, 2008

i'm not gonna starve.....

cos now i've got 5 lettuces coming up and 1 cucumber plant......oh the joy!.

not much else going on at the spring cleaning and clearing out the living room. was thinking of making soap on sunday....will see how long it takes to finish off the LR tomorrow before i make that final decision. 2 nights of babysitting ahead of me tomorrow night and sunday, so got to leave some comtemplation time!.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

i got babies......

3 lettuce babies have reared their heads thru the soil!!!. i was sooo excited when i saw them this morning!!.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

there is dirt under my fingernails......

......and seeds on my windowsill!!.
I may have a few to many potatoes, so will share some with Ann, unless shes already got hers.
I've planted some carrots, lettuces, tomatoes, cucumber and runner beans. between 1 and 4 seeds depending on size and what grows from each seed!. Will do the next lot of sowing on easter every 10-14days, and hopefully that will keep me from being snowed under with vege!.

Friday, March 14, 2008

the first step along the path.....

this week i started my journey towards self sufficiency......i brought several packets of seeds, seed trays and potting mix on wednesday!. check out my bathroom now......errrm...may have got more mix than i actually needed!.

this weekend i will sow the first lot of my seeds. as its only me it wont be much....i'm going to have to learn succession planting or whatever its called!!. (gotta learn the correct term as well!)

you'll also notice the toothpaste.....this morning i'm going to Holland and Barrett to get some organic toothpaste for when that colgate finishes. no more nasty chemicals for me!.

will photograph my 1st seed tray when i do it!!.

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Earth Hour 2008.

On 29th March 2008, at 8pm people around the world are urged to support Earth Hour, and turn off their lights for one hour.
We can all do this....whats an hour?. Think candle light.....nice!.
Lets make this hour more widely known than another eco day this past week that barely got a mention.
Find out more at earthhour