Friday, March 28, 2008

snow and beans!.

thought i would add a couple more pics....the snow from Easter Monday...or maybe it was later on the Sunday....i forget!.

plus my runner beans are taking off....really need to get them in the ground, but still having fun with the local council trying to find an allotment, otherwise it may be smilling nicely at Ann and putting them in her backyard!.

not much else at the moment....banks have put up the mortgage rates making it harder for 1st time buyers to get on the property all dreams of a plot of land gets smaller by the day!.
oh yes....the forum i first found....self sufficientish..... the guys that set it up have got their 1st book coming out this week....all very exciting...i've got one on the way...hopefully it'll arrive tomorrow!. The Self Sufficientish Bible by Andy and Dave Hamilton is the name and its well priced on Amazon at the moment!.

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