Sunday, February 24, 2008

I joined freecycle today!.

I decided to join the local chapter of freecycle today. for those that dont know, its where you give away perfectly good items you no longer want or need. it means you arent adding to landfills with items that someone else can make good use of.
I'll have to see what i have to offer....i know theres at least a printer in the cupboard.
I noticed a piano as i was having a look around....oh how i'd love a piano, but i have absolutely no room for one in this flat.

i need to spend the next few months de-cluttering and sorting things ready for a move later in the year. hopefully that will be to a 2 bedroom place and then freecycyle will really come into its own!!.

I found a new forum yesterday as well..... its not easy being green , i've registered there and am just waiting for my activation email which hopefully will come this afternoon sometime.

I need to start writing some things down now, as i have so many things swimming round in my head that i want to remember. things to look up, ideas for gardens, info on aspects of leading a self reliant lifestyle.
i lay in bed this morning and wondered where i'll be and what i'll be doing in 10yrs time. will i have been able to pull this new interest off?.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

i've just been shopping......

while browsing SSish this morning i came across a soap making tutorial that included links to some UK based soap making equipment online stores. so, erm, i've been shopping!. i've brought a basic soap making kit that has all the required ingredients to make some soap( doh!)....i thought it was a good place to start. from there i can buy ingredients in bulk. i also brought 3 essential oils to start finding those smells i prefer.....forests and seas. as well, i brought some ingredients for home made cleaning products....might as well fill the box!!.
cant wait for it all to arrive now!!.
i'll add a link later if all goes well!!.

On a separate note, i have posted off my cj for the Green/Eco Friendly CJ i'm hosting. My theme is 'an overview', and i'm looking forward to getting mine back and reading what everyone is doing. theres some interesting themes and i cant wait for each one to arrive every 3 weeks.

oooh, and one more mooncup arrived during the week...infact it was very quick!. Its another thing i'm interested in trying!. I wont say anymore, as my friends just cant stomach the!!.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

back on track!!.

Well, after a week or so of falling off the wagon, so to speak, i'm back on track and continuing forward with my goals. Theres 2 tray of ANZAC biccies cooking as i type....piccies later!, and i'm about to order a mooncup!.
wonder how many of you know what a mooncup is?. but dont go peeking if you're squeamish!!. I'm very keen to cutdown my waste as much as possible...not only in terms of what i throw away, but also what i spend my money on, and i see the mooncup as something that will help with this goal. I've read quite a bit about it, plus theres quite a bit of dicussion on it on selfsufficientish, all positive, so i'm looking forward to getting mine and giving it a go. Next on the list will be the fabric surfboards, but thats for another!!.

I'm enjoying reading selfsufficientish.....there is loads of really informative stuff on there. Oh how i wish i had my acre or 5 and could just get on with it!.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

bit of a choice!.

I'm feeling very poorly at the moment....throat infection, another nasty!, extreme tiredness, no appetite(me! no appetite!), and no concentration.
the setback came about when i was in the bath this morning....nice bath, Simple bubble bath etc......but it wasnt the sea or forest 'comfort' of the familiar!. so, errrm....i went and brought naughty bubble bath, with nasty chemicals in them.....yep!, them....a sea smell and a forest smell. i need comfort in my poorly days....Simples rosemary and somethingarather just doesnt cut it i'm afraid.
I guess if i get to the stage that i am making my own soap or bubble bath, i'll have to go gather seaweed!.

on another note...i have found a fantastic forum website called in the sidebar!. its full of wonderful info and advice from people leading some form of a self sufficient life.