Sunday, February 24, 2008

I joined freecycle today!.

I decided to join the local chapter of freecycle today. for those that dont know, its where you give away perfectly good items you no longer want or need. it means you arent adding to landfills with items that someone else can make good use of.
I'll have to see what i have to offer....i know theres at least a printer in the cupboard.
I noticed a piano as i was having a look around....oh how i'd love a piano, but i have absolutely no room for one in this flat.

i need to spend the next few months de-cluttering and sorting things ready for a move later in the year. hopefully that will be to a 2 bedroom place and then freecycyle will really come into its own!!.

I found a new forum yesterday as well..... its not easy being green , i've registered there and am just waiting for my activation email which hopefully will come this afternoon sometime.

I need to start writing some things down now, as i have so many things swimming round in my head that i want to remember. things to look up, ideas for gardens, info on aspects of leading a self reliant lifestyle.
i lay in bed this morning and wondered where i'll be and what i'll be doing in 10yrs time. will i have been able to pull this new interest off?.

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Allie said...

I've so many books that I could pass on - will check out the freecycle website - thanks for the tip hun 8-) Axx