Saturday, February 23, 2008

i've just been shopping......

while browsing SSish this morning i came across a soap making tutorial that included links to some UK based soap making equipment online stores. so, erm, i've been shopping!. i've brought a basic soap making kit that has all the required ingredients to make some soap( doh!)....i thought it was a good place to start. from there i can buy ingredients in bulk. i also brought 3 essential oils to start finding those smells i prefer.....forests and seas. as well, i brought some ingredients for home made cleaning products....might as well fill the box!!.
cant wait for it all to arrive now!!.
i'll add a link later if all goes well!!.

On a separate note, i have posted off my cj for the Green/Eco Friendly CJ i'm hosting. My theme is 'an overview', and i'm looking forward to getting mine back and reading what everyone is doing. theres some interesting themes and i cant wait for each one to arrive every 3 weeks.

oooh, and one more mooncup arrived during the week...infact it was very quick!. Its another thing i'm interested in trying!. I wont say anymore, as my friends just cant stomach the!!.

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