Thursday, February 7, 2008

bit of a choice!.

I'm feeling very poorly at the moment....throat infection, another nasty!, extreme tiredness, no appetite(me! no appetite!), and no concentration.
the setback came about when i was in the bath this morning....nice bath, Simple bubble bath etc......but it wasnt the sea or forest 'comfort' of the familiar!. so, errrm....i went and brought naughty bubble bath, with nasty chemicals in them.....yep!, them....a sea smell and a forest smell. i need comfort in my poorly days....Simples rosemary and somethingarather just doesnt cut it i'm afraid.
I guess if i get to the stage that i am making my own soap or bubble bath, i'll have to go gather seaweed!.

on another note...i have found a fantastic forum website called in the sidebar!. its full of wonderful info and advice from people leading some form of a self sufficient life.

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