Monday, October 27, 2008

this is the real post for today.....

yesterday was a ikky wet grey english day so i decided to do some blog and forum hopping round various places i have bookmarked. i fell upon a forum from the USA that a couple of threads about people building their own homes in remote locations.
i read the first thread yesterday and the other one today.
the first thread is 61(yes you read right) pages long detailing the building of a brem(may have the spelling wrong...will check after) built into the side of a mountain with the most incrediable views imaginable. the lady who writes it is so thorough in sharing what they are doing, and how they do it and its incredibly inspirational and makes you think you just do it!.
the second thread is 25 pages long and describes a couple building a non electrical house again in a fairly remote location, and again the lady writing it descibes it with such passion. she is aiming for a more self sufficient lifestyle than maybe the first couple are.....she certainly describes the need to gather and store food and collect wood more than the 1st couple. her dream of this lifestyle is/was coming true until a very nasty turn for the worst happened a couple of weeks ago, and now she is on a knife edge as to whether she can hold onto her dream. i cross everything things work out for her.

both threads have piccies, with the 1st couples house views being truly amazing and worth looking at if you do nothing else. this is a link to the forum both those threads are on. i'll come back with the names of both those threads in a mo.
1st couples thread is 'off grid in east tennesee', and the 2nd couples is 'non electrical homestead McMinn county'.

oh how i'd love to be able to do something in some remote location that would provided me with all of lifes neccesities. i yearn for the simplier life more and more.

well blow me down with a feather....

i have 3 readers....but one my blister...does that count??!.

see, no edited post there lol!!.

will soon need one of them counter thingamebobs!!!.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

wooooo hoooo......

i have a reader!!!!

g'day matey!!. no blog for you anymore tho???.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

thought i'd share......

i have no idea how many peeps read my blog.....few i suspect, however there will be some scrappers amongst you so thought i'd share this link that my buddie Ann sent me.
theres a free online class over at Jessica about gathering your stories.
sounds interesting, and while i'm still not scrapping at the moment, i still believe in the concept of preserving your memories.

ermmm.....just noticed another little thing that i dont like about blogspot....just having to click on lines that appear at the top of my screen.....seems they have changed some things.
i may move the blog to another place next year when i get my new flat, new blog?!.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Is there anything those blasted slugs dont eat?!.

Grrrr......i planted 35 leek seedlings last weekend and today there is only 18 left. Those bloody slugs.....this is war going to have to get out the big guns and go on a slug murdering rampage!.

on the plus side....i planted 3 strawberry plants a while back and they are madly having babies for me so next yr i'm going to have loads more plants. not sure any of them are early strawberries tho, so may have to get some of those so that i get lots of yumminess all season long!.

In other news, i have to find a new home in the new year as the rent on the flat i currently live in is increasing by £50/mth, and isnt worth it in my opinion. So i am moving out early Dec, staying with one of the famillies i work for for the 2 1/2wks before i go to Oz for a month, then staying with them again once i get back whilst i find a new place. this time i'm going to find a cat/chook/kid friendly place and see if i cant work from my place.

thats it for now...hope to plant onions and garlic this weekend!.