Tuesday, October 21, 2008

thought i'd share......

i have no idea how many peeps read my blog.....few i suspect, however there will be some scrappers amongst you so thought i'd share this link that my buddie Ann sent me.
theres a free online class over at Jessica Sprague.com about gathering your stories.
sounds interesting, and while i'm still not scrapping at the moment, i still believe in the concept of preserving your memories.

ermmm.....just noticed another little thing that i dont like about blogspot....just having to click on lines that appear at the top of my screen.....seems they have changed some things.
i may move the blog to another place next year when i get my new flat....new flat, new blog?!.


Taniwha said...

I read Rach! I have you on Bloglines so it tells me when you've updated and I trot on over hehehe! Good luck with your move hun, hope it's stress free :)

Alison Lake said...

I hate to tell you but I also read your blog! - if I tell you, you may start editing your text!!!
talk soon xxx