Saturday, October 11, 2008

Is there anything those blasted slugs dont eat?!.

Grrrr......i planted 35 leek seedlings last weekend and today there is only 18 left. Those bloody slugs.....this is war going to have to get out the big guns and go on a slug murdering rampage!.

on the plus side....i planted 3 strawberry plants a while back and they are madly having babies for me so next yr i'm going to have loads more plants. not sure any of them are early strawberries tho, so may have to get some of those so that i get lots of yumminess all season long!.

In other news, i have to find a new home in the new year as the rent on the flat i currently live in is increasing by £50/mth, and isnt worth it in my opinion. So i am moving out early Dec, staying with one of the famillies i work for for the 2 1/2wks before i go to Oz for a month, then staying with them again once i get back whilst i find a new place. this time i'm going to find a cat/chook/kid friendly place and see if i cant work from my place.

thats it for now...hope to plant onions and garlic this weekend!.

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ally said...

ok silly question rach but do strawberry plants survive the winter??? what do i need to do with them??? help???