Sunday, November 30, 2008

good things and bad things.....

first the good.....i made the cover for my 'Journal your Christmas' last night whilst babysitting and am thrilled with it today....was a bit unsure last night, but happy today!. the colours are better in real life...i had to play round a bit to try and not get loads of reflections on the overlay.
am seriously thinking of taking it away with me now to do as and when i can, and am also thinking of taking my laptop, so i can sort the photos whilst i'm away also...will ponder that some more...never travelled with my laptop before!.
JYC starts tomorrow....cant wait to read the 1st prompt and make notes.....roll on next saturday when i can sit down and do some more!!.

now the bad news.....the sodding removal men cancelled me today, cos the job before mine was longer than expected. so now they are coming at 4pm tomorrow....has really set me back....tomorrow was cleaning the flat time, so now i'll have to work round the boxes and try and catch up on tuesday when one of the kids is here in the morning. (insert loads of rude words!).

Saturday, November 29, 2008

4 nights left in this flat.

i've begun the major pack up today.....i have 2 men and a van arriving tomorrow to take all the 2 people/heavy stuff to storage, so have been busily packing everything up so they can cram the van as full as possible and save me some runs!. when i moved here 3 yrs ago it all fitted into a transit van, so i'm hopefull alot of stuff can go tomorrow.
am taking a break to watch the v oz on tv, and all blacks v england on an online match tracker!. after 1/2hr both oz and nz are leading their games!.

am all excited about doing the JYC, and have finally nailed down the album, so am happy about that.....just want to sit and cut pages now, but i cant til next week!!.

am being disconnected on wed, but will check in from time to time and will check emails as much as poss.

oh!, and 3 wks today, i'll be getting ready to head to australia....i leave around 10pm sat 20th.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

isnt it always the way.....

my mojo has come home and i cant scrap yet!!. i have another week to get shifted out of the flat and cant even begin to break out the stash, so i just have to sit and look at the bag and wish!.
i have bagged up stash for Shimelles 'Journal your Christmas', along with tools and my folding table, and plan on taking the lot with me to stay with LM, and to the hotel i plan on staying in, in 3 wks time when i go have some hermit time!.
cant wait for the prompts to come and get started on this journal....theres alot to record this dec/jan.

4wks tomorrow i see my parents again, after 2 yrs!.
am beginning to get all excited now!.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

i feel a one year on post should be the order of the day.....

'cept i havent thought much about it yet....will mull it over and post tomorrow or monday.

think i will shelve the new blog til the new year, but have had lots of feedback on the idea, so will still do it once in the new flat!.

a week late, but a huge hug and thanks to my mates Ann and Ally for taking my to see was just brilliant....i had no idea the Elvis lived in the time of the Pharoes(or however you spell it!)
will get the photos off the camera and post some as well!.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

i've started a new blog!!!


click on the above link and it will take you there. i love blog hopping...i quite often do it on a sunday morning before starting my jobs for the day!. anyway, this morning whilst reading a forum post somewhere i came across a photo of someones bookshelves and i spent ages looking at all the books(recipes ones...even better!), and it got me thinking. so i have decided to try a blog about your bookshelves. it will require sharing pics of what you have on your bookselves....hehe!!. great nosey factor me reckons.
i have also tried a new blog place cos i'm not liking this place much anymore and when i move into my new flat next year i plan on starting a new blog so am trying out a new host and will see how that goes!.

i hope some of my friends will play!.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

i love my crop!

today was spent in the local church hall along with a handfull of fellow scrapbookers and mates. i did my one layout, and i'm quite chuffed with it. however what i take from today is inspiration....Ann had her Shimelle xmas album from a class she did last year and everyone was talking about it. then Sonia went and got hers, and it all got me thinking.....bit of a worry really!!. anyway, this dec/jan will be full on, busy and exciting for me what with moving out of this flat, going to Oz for xmas and E's christening, seeing Lynz over new year and just being in another country!. so i have just been to and brought the class and then popped over to an online stash store and brought some xmas goodies for the class.....erm....did i not just try to sell stash today!!.
so, thank you fellow scrapmates, for inspiring me today, and for providing the usual gags and laughter!!.