Saturday, November 29, 2008

4 nights left in this flat.

i've begun the major pack up today.....i have 2 men and a van arriving tomorrow to take all the 2 people/heavy stuff to storage, so have been busily packing everything up so they can cram the van as full as possible and save me some runs!. when i moved here 3 yrs ago it all fitted into a transit van, so i'm hopefull alot of stuff can go tomorrow.
am taking a break to watch the v oz on tv, and all blacks v england on an online match tracker!. after 1/2hr both oz and nz are leading their games!.

am all excited about doing the JYC, and have finally nailed down the album, so am happy about that.....just want to sit and cut pages now, but i cant til next week!!.

am being disconnected on wed, but will check in from time to time and will check emails as much as poss.

oh!, and 3 wks today, i'll be getting ready to head to australia....i leave around 10pm sat 20th.

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