Wednesday, November 26, 2008

isnt it always the way.....

my mojo has come home and i cant scrap yet!!. i have another week to get shifted out of the flat and cant even begin to break out the stash, so i just have to sit and look at the bag and wish!.
i have bagged up stash for Shimelles 'Journal your Christmas', along with tools and my folding table, and plan on taking the lot with me to stay with LM, and to the hotel i plan on staying in, in 3 wks time when i go have some hermit time!.
cant wait for the prompts to come and get started on this journal....theres alot to record this dec/jan.

4wks tomorrow i see my parents again, after 2 yrs!.
am beginning to get all excited now!.

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ally said...

take me with you :)