Sunday, November 30, 2008

good things and bad things.....

first the good.....i made the cover for my 'Journal your Christmas' last night whilst babysitting and am thrilled with it today....was a bit unsure last night, but happy today!. the colours are better in real life...i had to play round a bit to try and not get loads of reflections on the overlay.
am seriously thinking of taking it away with me now to do as and when i can, and am also thinking of taking my laptop, so i can sort the photos whilst i'm away also...will ponder that some more...never travelled with my laptop before!.
JYC starts tomorrow....cant wait to read the 1st prompt and make notes.....roll on next saturday when i can sit down and do some more!!.

now the bad news.....the sodding removal men cancelled me today, cos the job before mine was longer than expected. so now they are coming at 4pm tomorrow....has really set me back....tomorrow was cleaning the flat time, so now i'll have to work round the boxes and try and catch up on tuesday when one of the kids is here in the morning. (insert loads of rude words!).


Colleen said...

I love the simplicity of your cover. Still trying to decide on my cover.

Emma said...

Love the Cover Rach. Looking forward to seeing it on Sat.

Mentally kick the removal men in the balls for you. lol

ScrapMates Enfield said...

Your cover looks awesome Rach, hoorah for the return of your mojo