Saturday, November 1, 2008

i love my crop!

today was spent in the local church hall along with a handfull of fellow scrapbookers and mates. i did my one layout, and i'm quite chuffed with it. however what i take from today is inspiration....Ann had her Shimelle xmas album from a class she did last year and everyone was talking about it. then Sonia went and got hers, and it all got me thinking.....bit of a worry really!!. anyway, this dec/jan will be full on, busy and exciting for me what with moving out of this flat, going to Oz for xmas and E's christening, seeing Lynz over new year and just being in another country!. so i have just been to and brought the class and then popped over to an online stash store and brought some xmas goodies for the class.....erm....did i not just try to sell stash today!!.
so, thank you fellow scrapmates, for inspiring me today, and for providing the usual gags and laughter!!.

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