Sunday, September 21, 2008

so chuffed with myself!!.

hmmmm.....blogger is acting very strange with its picture upload...its all text rather than the actually photo that i can drag around the post!.

so from the top.....some of my spuds!!.

my compost bin that i built this morning from 4 pallets and some wire to hold it together. i figured the wire would make it easy to take it apart later to get to the compost and move it around....we'll see!.

no's 3 and 5 are my tomatoes....never grown them before, and they arent red yet, but still i managed to grow toms!!. the little one fell off when i was weeding so brought it home to photograph!.

no 4 is one of my strawberry plants....might get another couple of s/berries before the end of the year!.

fingers crossed this posts ok!.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

ok, this is a bloody worry......

You Are Australia
You have an a great life, and you consider yourself very lucky.
Although you're thankful for what you have, you know you're also a bit of an underdog.

You are modest, authentic, and sincere. You don't boast... if anything, you're self deprecating.
You aren't formal, and people consider you to be very approachable. You remain relaxed and casual in any situation.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

trying freecycle!.

Today i'm offering my first load of stuff on freecycle....some magazines that i've had piled up here. i finally went thru them and sorted them into ripped and unripped and am now seeing if i can give them away before binning them!.
if that works, i have a few other things to put up and get rid of!.
freecycle...its a great away perfectly good stuff you no longer use, instead of sending it to the tip!.

getting lots of spuds from the allotment now.....definately got to get to grips with successional planting next yr, altho spuds keep well if stored correctly!.