Saturday, May 31, 2008

Allotment update number 478!

wellllll......i'm still waiting!.
Still waiting for the keys, still waiting to have the complaints officer ring me back!.
so, yesterday i rung in again to speak to a complaints officer again....which i managed to for all of 30secs, before she put me thru to the allotments officer...who i was laying the complaint about!.
the upshot is.......apparently it takes 6-8wks to process an application at this time of the year, and the poor love has been sick again. she has been working on the april applications this past week!.
i suggested that if it takes 6-8wks, that information should be added to the website. nowhere along this waiting road has anyone said 6-8wks to me!.
anyway, my complaint has been laid and her supervisor will ring me back, but i shall not hold my breath. having never had much to do with councils before i see the only thing they are actually hot on is making sure you pay your council tax on time!.
i'll let you know when update number 479 is ready!.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

First Harvest!!.

i just ate my first bean and strawberry!!. yummy yummy yummy!!!.
turn away now if you are sensitive to bad language......
"(^*&%^$£")()*^$%$" council!. its been 7wks and still no keys. the deposit still hasnt come out of my bank account, and i have laid a complaint as of yesterday afternoon.
!*&^%W"*()&)^^$""!*&))£! is all i can say!.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Monday, May 19, 2008

some photos....

here are some of the veges and fruit i currently have growing.....

a french bean in various stages of growth....


and 2 cucumbers....don't know about you, but i have never seen cucumbers growing before, so am really intrigued by watching them develop!.

as of the post today, still no news on the allotment keys.....they'll be getting a phone call from my on thursday as i take wednesday as the middle of the week, and Ms lottie officer said the middle of this week!.

Monday, May 12, 2008

some news!.

i just rung the council, yet again but didnt speak to the allotment officer. then i missed a called on my mobile from her to say she has my application....* does a small dance*...and she should have it processed by the middle of next week at the lastest.
so, at least its in there, and it should all be ok, cos i need to start planting these seedlings!.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

1st ever car boot sale!!.

I've been here 5yrs this time, and lived here twice before, but have never been to a car boot sale.....until this morning!. I was told about a big one 5mins up the road from me last yr, and i went one morning to find it, but couldnt....i didnt travel far enough i later found out.
well, i woke up this morning and knew i wouldnt be able to go back to sleep, so decided to go and find it again. I did...its huge....altho, for those that know Riccarton Market in CHCH, its about 1/2 the size!.
I spent £5 and came home with another 3 strawberry plants....i have 12 plants now, plus one has a runner, so i really do think i have enough strawberrys!!!!!.
I also brought 5 flat bassinette sheets that i'm going to cut up as wee wipes....instead of using loo paper for number ones. And i got 4 napkins to use instead of paper towels and a lovely pressed glassed bowl.....cos i dont have many bowls......LOL!!!.( errmmm....i have a bowl fetish and would hate to think how many i really have between here and NZ!). nothing cost over a £1, bar the strawberrys which were .50p each.

Then right at the end i found heaven in a stall.....beautiful vintage tablecloths and linen sheets. Luckily for me( more like my wallet and storage capacity!), she had sold out of most of it bar some pillow cases and table runners. However, she is there every week.....*rubs hands together*.

Tis Mothers Day in NZ today.....Happy Mothers Day ma xx.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

lookie lookie.....

lookie.....a lil strawberry!!. i cant wait to be able to pick it and eat sharing!!.

errm....below is the state of my living room.....looks like a garden center!. i am still waiting for my allotment...i spoke to the office yesterday and asked for the allotment officer to ring me...she didnt yesterday. i shall try again today!. tis been 4 1/2wks since i sent in the paperwork and deposit.

not much else to report at the moment....the weather has finally decided to warm up and its beautiful at the moment.
hopefully the next post will say.....'i've got the keys'....but dont hold your breath!.