Saturday, May 31, 2008

Allotment update number 478!

wellllll......i'm still waiting!.
Still waiting for the keys, still waiting to have the complaints officer ring me back!.
so, yesterday i rung in again to speak to a complaints officer again....which i managed to for all of 30secs, before she put me thru to the allotments officer...who i was laying the complaint about!.
the upshot is.......apparently it takes 6-8wks to process an application at this time of the year, and the poor love has been sick again. she has been working on the april applications this past week!.
i suggested that if it takes 6-8wks, that information should be added to the website. nowhere along this waiting road has anyone said 6-8wks to me!.
anyway, my complaint has been laid and her supervisor will ring me back, but i shall not hold my breath. having never had much to do with councils before i see the only thing they are actually hot on is making sure you pay your council tax on time!.
i'll let you know when update number 479 is ready!.

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