Wednesday, May 7, 2008

lookie lookie.....

lookie.....a lil strawberry!!. i cant wait to be able to pick it and eat sharing!!.

errm....below is the state of my living room.....looks like a garden center!. i am still waiting for my allotment...i spoke to the office yesterday and asked for the allotment officer to ring me...she didnt yesterday. i shall try again today!. tis been 4 1/2wks since i sent in the paperwork and deposit.

not much else to report at the moment....the weather has finally decided to warm up and its beautiful at the moment.
hopefully the next post will say.....'i've got the keys'....but dont hold your breath!.

1 comment:

Hamster said...

Ha! Looks quite a lot like my living room at the moment...

Hope you get the keys soon.