Tuesday, April 29, 2008

show n tell !

this is what the 'scrapmates' do when they get together for some event other than the crop....have a mass photoshoot!!. this was from friday night at Allys ( 2nd from left! ), where we had gathered to take part on the UKS cybercrop. I'll spare you any pics of me in a blond wig and feather boa!.

Below is more veges growing and a lovely snapshot of my condensation. ( tis not safe to leave the windows open at night). from left...beetroot, a cucumber and a bean, cherry toms and sweetcorn.

oh hurry up allotment keys!!.

Soapnuts......they seem to be going well....the washing doesnt have a nasty smell or anything like that....almost like it has been hanging outside. I'm on my 3rd wash with this 3rd bag and after the next was i'll boil this lot up to make washing liquid for the dishes and also try it as shampoo. will let you know how it goes.

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