Saturday, April 19, 2008


I've just brought some soapnuts to try. They are the 'fruits' of the soap nut tree and the shell contains a natural soapy substance that cleans your bits!!. You can use them in the washing machine, or boil them up and use the liquid for the dishes, your body and hair, as a household cleaning product. and.....once you've finished with the shells you can chuck 'em in the compost!!.
i've been reading a couple of treads on various forums and a few people have found seeds in some of the shells(ones that have escaped detection by some bigwig type!), and have planted them!!. apparently tho, it takes about 10yrs to actually get a crop, but no harm in planting and germinating the never know, you could become self sufficient in soap!!.

allotment update....there is no update yet....still waiting to hear back from the council re collecting the keys!.

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