Sunday, April 6, 2008

do you wanna see it?!!!.....

i sent the cheque off for my allotment this morning. theres about a 2-3wk wait for the paperwork to be done, then its collect the keys, and away i go!!.

here it is.....this was taken at 1030 in the morning, and i'm standing on the westen boundry. it looks like it gets good sun for most of the day. its bordered by an allotment to the north and one to the west and thats it....kinda perfect for me...i dont like being in the middle of things!. I'd have liked to have a shed left or a greenhouse, but never mind...considering the state of the other vacant plots on the site, i'm lucky cos the council man cleared it for me off his own bat....i hadnt requested that. 2 plots to the north is another new plotholder, altho her site hasnt been cleared yet, but its good to know theres someone else new on site. also the water tap is opposite her site as well, so not a huge trek to fetch water. i'll keep an eye on ebay and freeserve and see if i can pick up a cheap shed so i can start to harvest my own water.

Now i am going to sit on the sofa and plan all the things i want to grow there. I am excited, but also a little daunted....however, you have to start somewhere!!.

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Alison Docherty said... seems huge, so do you have the space all planned out yet??