Wednesday, April 2, 2008

nature, butchers and mooncups!!

*warning* this post contains a review of the mooncup, so dont read the whole post if you dont want to know anymore about them!!.

these are my carrots, from my first round of planting on the 15th march....i just smile everytime i look at them...the beauty of nature to provide us with food!. I've since read that root vege dont like being transplanted, so i wont be sowing anymore carrots now, until i have some ground!. I'm waiting for a call back from the council re allotments....apparently its up to 10days for a call back!. i finally heard back from the other person i was waiting to hear from re his allotments, and he has 16 already on the waiting list. so basically i'm back to square one!. i have 2 runner beans that will have to go into Anns garden this weekend i think...not sure how much longer they can survive where they are, altho...they seem to love it...they have taken off like noones business!!.

Last week i made contact with a lady on the Downsizer forum, who lives nearby, and she was telling me about butchers near us. Well this morning i went to one i didnt know exsisted! and found it was great. nice guys and the meat looked good. i brought a mince pie, cos i felt i should buy something, then decided to try their sausages as well, so brought 2 pork came to £2!.


well, i have now used it for a whole period and think its great!!. one of the things i was looking to see was the reduction in cramps and pain i get on days 1-3. no pain whatsoever!. i couldnt believe it, even tho i had read other women say this is the case. apparently commercial tampons and pads have chemicals in them that draw out the mentrual flow, which seems to be where the pains come from....for some anyway. for me, days 1-3 were painfree!. i had no leaks which sometimes happens with tampons in the first few days and reckon you could go without pads if you use both at the same time.
you do need to come to terms with the putting it.....fold it up and slide it in....much like a tampon, and the getting out...which is what leaves alot of people squeemish!. yes its a bit have to slide a finger in and break the suction then pull it out to could just empty straight into the toilet never knowing what was inside, or you could look, like i did!. (ally will be screaming gross!!!!.....serves you right for reading after the warning missy!!!). as you get used to the taking out, it doesnt take any longer than taking out a tampon in my opinion.
its completely comfortable and infact you forget about it after a while. there is a stem on it when it arrives and its suggested you cut that once you get an idea of how it fits in you. i cut half mine off to start with, then found during this 1st period i have to cut more off as it seem to settle into place and began irritating me. so i now have a very short stem that i dont feel at all.
i'll end by saying, if you can get over the taking out and emptying, then i'd highly recommend it....its comfortable, painfree, and doesnt harm the environment.

here endth the review!.


Alison Docherty said...

I should have stopped at the warning seriously Rach mooncups are fab especially for those who have allergies to tampons....i'll say no more

Allie said...

Thanks for the review hun - I'm not grossed out at all 8-) Will be something to consider in the future! Axx