Monday, April 28, 2008


i just rung the council to follow up on my allotment this morning. I was getting a tad worried cos the deposit cheque hasn't been banked yet and its already 3 wks since i sent in the form and chq. anyway, the allotment lady has been on leave for a week and a quick check on the computer told me that my name wasnt yet on plot 21!. i have to ring and speak to the lottie lady directly and see whats what, otherwise its back to square one and i'll be pissed!. at least plot 21 doesnt have anyone elses name on it!.

i have some photos of growing food to share once i get them off the camera and also have washed with soapnuts for the first time and all seems fine so far!.
will update with photos over the enxt few days.

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