Tuesday, February 23, 2010

news flash!!....

one of the Amish Paste seeds planted on friday has poked his head thru the soil today!!. must photograph it, cos it wasnt there this morning as i had a good nose while opening the curtains!.
the 1st 3 are happy in their newer bigger pots and i've been giving them some sunlight when possible as well!.

only other news is that i have conjunctivitis!!!. charming...wonder where that came from?...my guess the public swimming pool last friday!.

Monday, February 22, 2010

tomato update

last friday i potted on the Amish Paste toms and planted a few more for good measure!.
as you can see from the photo, the seedlings are getting a bit leggy again. this is due to them trying to find light.....they arent in the best window in the house, however now, with a bit more sun around i am moving them to catch it, and thereby hoping to minimise the leggyness this time round!

this next photo is me (in)elegantly deposited on the kitchen floor repotting the seedlings, and sowing a few more seeds with my lil helper....who actually took this picture!!. we planted another 3 Amish Paste(got that seed swap in mind!!), 2 of her cherry toms that we saved the seed from last year, and 1 chilli pepper.

and finally the repotted seedlings....planted right up to their leaves!.

my mate Jude has awarded me a blog award, which i need to pass on in turn, so i need to say THANK YOU MATEY xx, and try and think of 7 people to pass it on to....she sent it to most of the friends i have on my blog list!!.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

avoiding the seed box!!

i know when i start the seed box is going to be a big job, so i'm currently doing other things....like getting the seed spuds into trays to chit. this year i am trying 5 varieties...international kidney, kestral, ulster classic, setanta and maris piper. of the 5, i grew int kidney last year.

my babies have leaves!!

thought i'd share a quick photo taken just now of the Amish Paste toms. all 3 have transplanted well and have put on new growth in the past fortnight. sadly some of that growth is leggy-ness, cos they arent in the best window light wise, but i cant change that for now. each time i pot them on i'll just pot them deep and they should be fine!.

am about to do battle with the seed box and make a final decision on what i'm going to grow this year. then i'm going to do battle with a spreadsheet and try and make some semblence of order with it all!. wish me luck!.