Tuesday, March 30, 2010

9 hours to go......

......til i'm on 6 days of holiday!!. and cheaply to...2 annual leave days tacked on the 4 day easter weekend...bonus!.
So much to do in that time....the spud beds are still not ready on the allotment, altho other jobs are getting done. seeds need starting, the carrot and parsnip bed needs sieving and mixing in with some sharp sand, and the grass will no doubt need cutting!.
then theres the book to finish, plus all the glossy books from the library i got last weekend!
and to top if off....gotta make something for the handmade swap i'm in on the aussie forum i belong to. plus i'd like to try crocheting a dishcloth, as i've finally cracked some stitches, so now want to turn them into something useful!.
and finally, there'll be easter eggs....i have had 2 given to me already and i wont be buying anymore....2's enough!.
What are you doing for easter?!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

'nother plant update!.

thought i would share this photo taken this evening, of where my seedlings are at. every seed that has germinated is going strong, despite replants etc. you may also spot a bean in the tray....a dwarf purple bean that i planted as part of my micro teaching session that i had to give as part of the course i'm on.
so, 3 larger Amish Paste toms on the left, 2 newer plantings of Amish Paste in pots at the front of the pic. LM's 2 gardeners delight toms in the clear plastic pot in the middle, and over there on the right, my bean!!.

And this photo below makes my heart sing......last summer i dug up what i thought was all my tulip bulbs from the strawberry bed, and didnt replant them(no excuses...lazy!), and the bloomin mice ate them over the winter. Sob...my beautiful Queen of the night tulips. anyway, i was taking a wander round the plot at the beginning of the month, and i spotted this in the strawberry patch......

my tulips had babies!!. i've got about 5-7 plants popping thru the soil.....i'm so happy!!.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

tomato update!

opps!, been a while!. thought i would take a few piccies of the tomato seedlings this morning since its lovely and sunny in my room where they are. this pic is the seedlings i planted with LM a few weeks ago. in the foreground are her 2 'gardeners delight' and behind 2 of my 3 Amish Paste. the taller one on the left is the same plant as in the photo in the previous post. both Amish Paste toms need potting on and planting deep due to leggyness. they are now getting more sun cos i am moving them round the house to catch it....theres been no complaints so far!!.

this pic is of the 3 orginal Amish Paste toms growing nicely in their big pots and not so leggy now. hopefully i may not need to repot this now, they can stay here til i put them in the lottie.

my other news is that i have changed jobs now and am full time assessing. only had one week ft so far but all seems fine and i'm still inspired by the role. i am beginning to explore accommodation with a view to moving out, and may have found myself a flatmate. shes a fellow scrapper who has to move out of her flat, so we are going to explore the idea together. i need to share if i'm to save any money to take to OZ in order to start my dream of owning some land!.