Sunday, March 7, 2010

tomato update!

opps!, been a while!. thought i would take a few piccies of the tomato seedlings this morning since its lovely and sunny in my room where they are. this pic is the seedlings i planted with LM a few weeks ago. in the foreground are her 2 'gardeners delight' and behind 2 of my 3 Amish Paste. the taller one on the left is the same plant as in the photo in the previous post. both Amish Paste toms need potting on and planting deep due to leggyness. they are now getting more sun cos i am moving them round the house to catch it....theres been no complaints so far!!.

this pic is of the 3 orginal Amish Paste toms growing nicely in their big pots and not so leggy now. hopefully i may not need to repot this now, they can stay here til i put them in the lottie.

my other news is that i have changed jobs now and am full time assessing. only had one week ft so far but all seems fine and i'm still inspired by the role. i am beginning to explore accommodation with a view to moving out, and may have found myself a flatmate. shes a fellow scrapper who has to move out of her flat, so we are going to explore the idea together. i need to share if i'm to save any money to take to OZ in order to start my dream of owning some land!.

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ally said...

the thought of you two sharing is awesome, think of the girls nights in lol