Thursday, March 18, 2010

'nother plant update!.

thought i would share this photo taken this evening, of where my seedlings are at. every seed that has germinated is going strong, despite replants etc. you may also spot a bean in the tray....a dwarf purple bean that i planted as part of my micro teaching session that i had to give as part of the course i'm on.
so, 3 larger Amish Paste toms on the left, 2 newer plantings of Amish Paste in pots at the front of the pic. LM's 2 gardeners delight toms in the clear plastic pot in the middle, and over there on the right, my bean!!.

And this photo below makes my heart sing......last summer i dug up what i thought was all my tulip bulbs from the strawberry bed, and didnt replant them(no excuses...lazy!), and the bloomin mice ate them over the winter. beautiful Queen of the night tulips. anyway, i was taking a wander round the plot at the beginning of the month, and i spotted this in the strawberry patch......

my tulips had babies!!. i've got about 5-7 plants popping thru the soil.....i'm so happy!!.

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