Sunday, May 11, 2008

1st ever car boot sale!!.

I've been here 5yrs this time, and lived here twice before, but have never been to a car boot sale.....until this morning!. I was told about a big one 5mins up the road from me last yr, and i went one morning to find it, but couldnt....i didnt travel far enough i later found out.
well, i woke up this morning and knew i wouldnt be able to go back to sleep, so decided to go and find it again. I did...its huge....altho, for those that know Riccarton Market in CHCH, its about 1/2 the size!.
I spent £5 and came home with another 3 strawberry plants....i have 12 plants now, plus one has a runner, so i really do think i have enough strawberrys!!!!!.
I also brought 5 flat bassinette sheets that i'm going to cut up as wee wipes....instead of using loo paper for number ones. And i got 4 napkins to use instead of paper towels and a lovely pressed glassed bowl.....cos i dont have many bowls......LOL!!!.( errmmm....i have a bowl fetish and would hate to think how many i really have between here and NZ!). nothing cost over a £1, bar the strawberrys which were .50p each.

Then right at the end i found heaven in a stall.....beautiful vintage tablecloths and linen sheets. Luckily for me( more like my wallet and storage capacity!), she had sold out of most of it bar some pillow cases and table runners. However, she is there every week.....*rubs hands together*.

Tis Mothers Day in NZ today.....Happy Mothers Day ma xx.

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