Sunday, September 21, 2008

so chuffed with myself!!.

hmmmm.....blogger is acting very strange with its picture upload...its all text rather than the actually photo that i can drag around the post!.

so from the top.....some of my spuds!!.

my compost bin that i built this morning from 4 pallets and some wire to hold it together. i figured the wire would make it easy to take it apart later to get to the compost and move it around....we'll see!.

no's 3 and 5 are my tomatoes....never grown them before, and they arent red yet, but still i managed to grow toms!!. the little one fell off when i was weeding so brought it home to photograph!.

no 4 is one of my strawberry plants....might get another couple of s/berries before the end of the year!.

fingers crossed this posts ok!.

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