Saturday, November 15, 2008

i feel a one year on post should be the order of the day.....

'cept i havent thought much about it yet....will mull it over and post tomorrow or monday.

think i will shelve the new blog til the new year, but have had lots of feedback on the idea, so will still do it once in the new flat!.

a week late, but a huge hug and thanks to my mates Ann and Ally for taking my to see was just brilliant....i had no idea the Elvis lived in the time of the Pharoes(or however you spell it!)
will get the photos off the camera and post some as well!.

1 comment:

ally said...

lol rach, elvis rocked the house!
hope the packing is going well.

i want to play on the new blog but it just does not like me :( will try again soon