Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter Sunday.

I woke this morning to snow..... this is the view out of the living room window at about 0830.

thought i would update you on my seeds.....this is the tray on friday morning....2 carrots in the forground, the lettuces in the middle and the 2 cucumbers behind....

and.....this is the tray this Easter Sunday.....left to right i have early carrots in the 1st column, late carrots in the second(one seedling just breaking soil), 3rd column are lettuces, 4th back is lettuce and in front is a cucumber. 5th column is cucumber at the back and cherry tomatoes in front, 6th is plum toms at back and a runner bean just poking thru(along with something else which i dont think is connected to the bean!) and the final pod has another runner bean!. when i went to bed at midnight last night there were only 2 carrots and no toms up at all....the miracle of nature!.

tomorrow i am going to fill the empty 5 pods probably with early carrots and maybe some lettuce.

watching all this grow over the course of the week has been incrediable....i just hope i can secure an allotment soon, otherwise it will go into a corner of Anns garden!.

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Alison Docherty said...

snow...oh i love snow, and you're are not going to go hungry when those seeds become food!!