Sunday, December 16, 2007

Gotta be near a Borders!!.

Very high on my important factors list in finding home will be closeness to Borders, so i can indulge in my love of American house/cooking/living magazines. I wont be able to afford them every month, but as a treat every 3-4 months, and especially the December issues!!.

heres my haul from todays trip!.

Any American readers will recognise nearly all of those, bar Donna Hay, who is Australias answer to Martha Stewart!.

(hmmmm.....i'm revealing myself as a closet Martha fan here, with 4 of her titles in that pile!. I now think shes a bit OTT, but provides loads of inspiration none the less.)

And while i was there i went looking for some reading material for this new transition in my life and came home with this pile as well....

I cant wait to dive into all those gorgeous xmas pages and inspiration words, but i have some things i have to finish first, so i'm keeping them for my xmas break starting next weekend.

I'd love to know if anyone has any other good up-to-date recommendations for a more greener self sufficent life. there is one title i see plugged on others blogs, but i couldn't find it at Borders, so may have to get that from Amazon....its name excapes me at the moment.

Right, the sofa beckons, and a magazine needs to be drooled over.....but which one?!.

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