Sunday, December 2, 2007

The Christmas Season has started here!.

I love Christmas.......i love the traditions, and hearing what people do, i love the feel good movies and the carols. And i love that i now live in the Northern Hemisphere where Christmas is cold!!. I know i was born a kiwi, and Christmas was always hot and sunny, but it never felt should be cold, snowy, fires blazing etc!!.

Oh, and its Quality Street season as well!!.

This morning i have done my xmas decorating...not much, since i dont have enough room for a tree, so i have made a lil display on top of a 3/4 height bookcase, with my tree ornaments hanging from a clip-it-up scrapbook storage thingie!. i have a tree shaped advent calender, and my gorgeous Christopher Radko ornament out as well.

Elvis is singing carols and festive songs,
and i have 3 new xmas dvds to watch this season!.

Finally the 1st batch of 'xmas tarts' have been made and consumed.....not all by me i should add....i took them to my scrapbook crop yesterday, where everyone who had one loved them!.

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