Monday, November 26, 2007

snuggling sheets!, and a thank you!!

Firstly, can i just say thank you to the lady(i assume) who commented on my blog are the 1st comment i've had here, and probably the 1st person to read this other than me!. I tried to find your blog to comment there, but it looks like you dont have one, so THANK YOU, you made my day!.

The pair of flannelette sheets i brought of ebay have finally arrived!!. now i can spend all winter in snuggling sheets......pure heaven!!. Just need the snuggly man to go with them and 'bobs your uncle'!.

I've been thinking alot about how i want my home today as i worked on my business stuff. Ideas come to my mind as i blog hop and see all the wonderful places and gardens and pets you guys out there have!.
I definately want a piece of ground to dig, somewhere quiet and peaceful.....a water view would be fabulous, but sadly will be well out of my price range. It must be sunny as well, as i fully plan on adding solar panels at some stage. I want a big space for the business, and a cosy space for the winter. A fire or a log burner would be great as well. Somewhere where all my books can go, and a great kitchen and pantry for all the cooking i enjoy and dont do enough of here due to my poky kitchen.

I've been thinking about ways to earn extra income and keep going back to of the few things i'm genuinely good at, and dont mind blowing my trumpet about!. I imagine living somewhere with a great market, where i could have a stall and sell fresh eggs from my chickens(see my mind really has been wandering today!) and fresh baked goods.

One of the beauties about being able to find home is that i can go anywhere i want, when the time comes to make that move. I'm not tied to any region as i'm a foreigner in this land. My friends are scrattering themselves to all sorts of places, which means i dont have to concentrate on certain areas, as i can just jump in the car and go visit if i want!.
I guess, if i'm honest, the only thing i would consider when the time came is what was happening with my 'friend with benefits' and how far from him i'd want to be. And he's another reason why i'm thinking about home alot today, because he is moving to a new part of the country today.....he's got the opportunity to reestablish himself in a new community, and all the exciting things to discover in his new area. I hope this moves makes him happy.
No more about him, i dont want this blog to be about him as such, its about my need to put down roots!!.

Right, off to feel those new snuggly sheets again, and wish you all a good evening.

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Magic Cochin said...

Hey thank you! You've got my blog on your favourites list - I'm honoured!

Have fun setting up home and putting down roots!

All the best