Sunday, November 18, 2007

i'm soooo inspired today!.

I have spent most of the day blog hopping and am some inspired by what i've found and the things i could be doing or making!!. i have so many ideas rolling round in my head for ideas to supplement my income next yr when my nanny hours decrease, and while my business is taking off!.
I want to make things, i want to bake things, i wanna do things......but not here.....this isnt home, so i need to find home 1st!.

I also brought some cosy flannelette sheets off ebay today and have bids in on 2 vintage blue and white woollen blankets.

in amongst all that i have been cleaning that messy corner of the kitchen and throwing away nasty plastic food containers!. its taking shape nicely but isnt ready for show'n'tell just yet....some jars have to completely dry before flour and sugar can be put in them!.

right, back to ebay...i have a bid on a fabulous piece of fabric ending in about 10mins!.

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