Sunday, November 25, 2007

now, whats missing from this picture?!.

Heres my 2 new old woolly blankets i won of ebay. The middle one is more thread bare that i'd have liked, but its fine otherwise. The red and white one i brought at the Country Living Xmas Fair about 3 yrs ago.

Now, to the post title....whats missing......3 moggys snuggled up on their own blanket having a siesta!!. Me thinks a black and white one called Horse, after the infamous cat in the NZ comic 'Footrot Flats'; a ginger one called 'Gingy', in honour of the 1st cat i remember as a child!; and a tabby called ?......i usually only think about having 2 cats, but since theres 3 blankets there....why not!!.

I cant wait for the day i get to bring home 2 furbabies!!.

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The Vece Fam said...

Hi Kiwirach...I actually found your blog off of Brin's (messy, thrilling life). I love those wonderful wooly blankets!

We're switching up to a more green lifestyle too. I want to teach my boys to take care of our earth.

I just recently swtiched over to reusable grocery bags. Now I just have to remember to bring them in the store.

Oh, and happy belated birthday!