Tuesday, November 6, 2007

small steps.....

Yesterday i went to IKEA and brought some glass food containers.....they have glass lids as well with a rubber seal to help keep it airtight. I brought 3 small single serve sizes and 1 2-3 serve size. Next time i go i'll pick up a couple more of each.
I am getting better at remembering to take my M&S carrier bag with me when i go shopping, and so today i was able to refuse just about all the plastic bags i was offered. i kept my brocolli loose in the basket, and just needed a bag for bread, and then in another shop for a sticky pastry(well, it is my birthday tomorrow!!).

They say life begins at 40.....thats tomorrow for me, and i'm so looking forward to whats in store for me and seeing some of my plans come to fruition.

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