Saturday, November 24, 2007

first photos!!.

Today i managed to take the after photos of the tidy corner in my teeny kitchen......i took the before last sunday before i tackled the job!!.
so, here is the messy before...the dumping ground due to lack of space and storage.....

and here is the after with all the pretty jars of baking goods!!......

I've got sultanas and brown sugar by the truck load ready for the Xmas butter tarts....the first batch will be this week as i want to take some to the mega crop next saturday.

I have also received the 2 vintage wool blankets i got on ebay this slightly more worn than i'd have liked, but both lovely all the same. On monday i have to wait in for 2 business, and the other is for the flannelette sheets i also brought this week. I'll photograph the blankets tomorrow if the light is good enough.....its all dark and dingy now that winter and the freezing cold have set in.

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