Sunday, November 4, 2007

Finding Home

I wanted to start a new blog to record the transition thats taking place in my life. I turn 40 in 3 days, i have got my residency visa to stay here for as long as i want, and i can finally think about putting down roots......hence finding home.
I am also beginning the shift to a more natural lifestyle, and thus hopefully a more healthy lifestyle.
I always remember as a child growing up in NZ an advertisement for butter, and it was a comparison of the ingredients in butter and margarine.....butter had 2, marg's ingredients took several seconds to scroll thru. From then i have never eaten marg!. Now i'm starting to look at everything else i eat, and what my food comes in. I'm thinking about the chemicals in my toiletries, and things in my home.
Whats prompted this have been two things article in an Oprah magazine stating that Hydrogenated fat was orginally designed as a replacement for candle wax.....i havent checked that any further yet.....but do know they arent good fats at all; and a 2 part TV documentry about toxins in our bodies and how alot of them come from the chemicals in the products we use on ourselves and in our homes. I was astounded to see that one of the ingredients in a childs shampoo( the very same shampoo is in the bathroom of the child i nanny for!) is a major componant of antifreeze!. And people put that one newborn babies!!!.

Anyway, i've been spurred on and will start the changes i need to, to feel happy with what i'm doing, and where i'm doing it.

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