Sunday, July 31, 2011

things are growing!!.

I went to the allotment yesterday after a few weeks's just so difficult getting there now, plus, having agreed a handover date with the council, i'm loosing the will and cant face how messy its become.
So i decided to face it yesterday....sundays are even harder to get there with 'sunday buses'!. Bless Jim (the neighbouring plotholder)....he was actually mowing my paths when i arrived!. I stayed for about an hour....feed the tomatoes in the polytunnel and harvested the first of the crops. they are certainly much happier in the tunnel.....i'm going to have the best crop ever this year!.
i watered the beans, squash and sweetcorn, and Jim has been watering them also...they will only survive thanks to him!. he also sent me home with some of his beetroot!.
i came home with this lot, that i grew - cheriettes of fire tomatoes, a blueberry and a purple bean!...

also growing is my crochet project!. i've done another 6 rounds this afternoon with the grand prix on in the background. i'm so chuffed with myself for attempting this, which i'm sure people would say isnt a beginners project!. heres a couple of sneek peeks!....

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margaretfeist said...

the tommies look great, I picked our first tomato this morning, I am going to have it for my lunch with home grown lettuce, cucumber, onion and beetroot! I just love the idea of homegrown veggies, they taste so different to their supermarket plastic wrapped cousins ;o)
MWG xxx