Sunday, August 7, 2011

new header #2

had another play this morning making a new header, adding in a piccie of the newly cracked hobby of crochet. i had to forgo my lovely tulip photo as its not portrait so have replaced it with a pic of Big Ben, since i currently live in London.
so l-r, (all my own images) my blooming flower cushion as of last weekend; a road in Oxford, North Canterbury, NZ; my dear old lilly puss back in Christchurch; and Big Ben taken from the Thames a year ago when i returned by boat from the Hampton Court Palace Flower Show.

on the flower cushion front, i have added another colour and begun the back as i'm not sure how big i want the cushion to be. I'd looked on ebay for a second hand pad to go inside and will then decide on the final size based on whichever pad i win.
I also made my first 2 granny squares yesterday...the first one was very tatty, the second one better, but the pattern is easy to understand, so i should be able to churn out a few on the bus or in the evening when i'm to tired to count the flower cushion rounds!.

Last comment goes to England Rugby......why the 'F' are you wearing black, you look ridiculous. everytime i looked at the screen i thought i was watching NZ play wales, not you. You're not the All Blacks, you never will be, go back to your white strip!!. *breathes out* that feels better!.
And didnt the AB's do a fantastic job over Australia.....i do love to watch a good Aussie defeat!.(wouldnt be a true kiwi if i didnt!).

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margaretfeist said...

I like the new header and the links to home and the UK, but I really did like the piccie of the tulips toox
I also must agree about the kit for the England team, but apparently they did ask the NZ Rugby fed if it was ok and they got the thumbs up! I just ask WHY?
You certainly have been bitten by the crochet bug haven't you? Trouble is I was looking at the wool in our local post office on Friday - a bad sign, get behind me Satan!
MWG xxx