Sunday, August 7, 2011

some Sunday kitchen love!

This morning i planned to mow the lawns, 'cept when i got outside the grass was very wet and the sky getting darker by the minute, so i made the decision not to use an electric mower in those conditions!. I decided to bake instead!.
So i put on my stereo with its 5 CD changer and made a sultana cake from a recipe thats been in my mothers family for donkeys years!.
then i had a small tidy and decided to take a few picces to record the morning!.
so here they are....
my stereo on my lovely freecycle sideboard

the sultana cake

my kitchen bench

my lovely bowl from a pottery fair in St Albans(i have a bowl fetish!)

And finally my first 2 attempts at a crochet granny square!

I have begun the back of the bloomin flower cushion and placed a bid for a cushion pad on ebay. I'm not sure how big i want it to be, and part of me also wants to finish it as i have a history of not finishing projects, so making it smaller than Lucys may be the answer!. So now i wait for the pad so i can then work out how much bigger it needs to be.


Lisa said...

Yum, that cake looks delish!! Sounds like a good sunday. Cant wait to see your flower cushion finished.x

TrulyJaded said...

Oo I love it! Yummyness & attic24ness!! <3